With a degree in Marketing and management consulting experience, I have done my fair share of business cases. In approaching business problems, I combine a human-centered lens to traditional business frameworks. While the cases below reflect work I completed during my undergraduate studies, I am happy to discuss any of my professional consulting work – please get in touch if you'd like to chat.


Proud to Be ND 


How can the Notre Dame Development Office galvanize recent alumni (1-3 years graduated) to start a legacy of donation to the University and communicate the importance of donation through the "Proud to Be ND" campaign?

As part of our capstone marketing class (2014), Strategic Marketing, four classmates and I were charged with answering this question with a strategic marketing proposal.


Through our research, we identified that the current Proud to Be ND campaign lacked in four key areas – transparency, efficiency, personalization, and a focus on relationships. These concepts would be critical to the success of the Proud to Be ND Campaign, and, ultimately, building connection with prospective donors.

While a digital experience was not explicitly called for in the case requirements of the project, I felt a digital solution was imperative in order to communicate with young alumni through a medium they understood and could relate to. 


The Proud to Be ND Donor Map.

The Proud to Be ND Donor Map is a digital solution integrating social media, visualization, and philanthropy. The experience would allow donors to connect through their existing Facebook or Twitter accounts and choose a specific university operation/expenditure of their choice to donate to. This donation would appear in real-time on a campus map, recognizing the donor and emphasizing the transparency of the donation. The donor can directly share this activity on any of their other social channels as well. The donor will then receive a thank-you and personalized response from a current undergraduate student working on the Proud to Be ND social media team – this will be the digital age of the phone center. The map will include features such as “My Map,” a visual of all the donations the user has made, “Live Map,” a visual of all donations being made in real time, and “Featured,” a map specifically highlighting university expenditures/operations in need of more support.

In addition to conducting the research and business analysis, I designed:

  • Visual Design
  • Wireframes
  • High fidelity user flows (check it out below)

The Outcome

Our team was selected as one of three teams to present our research and strategy to members of the Notre Dame Development Office. Our findings were incorporated into a new initiative entitled Notre Dame Day, which took place on April 27, 2014. 

Want more? Check out our Executive Summary and Final Presentation


Raised INdiana


How do you communicate the "Good Works" of Indiana Agriculture to the 18-35 year old demographic?


During the Spring of 2014, I led a group of seven Notre Dame students through the strategic analysis and solution design to answer this question posed to by the Indiana State Department of Agriculture.

Through our research and analysis, we identified two focus areas.

1. The Consumer + Producer Relationship

Intrinsic to the action of communication is the idea of relationship. While the demographic of 18-35 year olds interacts directly with the products of the Indiana Agriculture community through buying and eating food everyday, the relationship is hidden through the extension of the supply chain and facade of the supermarket.

So, in order to effectively provide a solution to the question posed us, we had to develop a means of highlighting and energizing the relationship between Indiana farmers and consumers.

2. Raised Indiana

Given such an open-ended prompt, it was apparent that the "Good Works" of Indiana Agriculture needed more than a vehicle to communicate it's message – it needed a visual identity and campaign.


Raised IN Visual Identity, Marketing Campaign, and Virtual Experience

In order to make real the relationship from farm to transaction, between producer and consumer, we developed  a desktop/mobile interface in addition to a visual identity and marketing campaign.

In addition to conducting the research and business analysis, I designed:

  • Visual identity
  • Brand standards
  • Wireframes
  • High fidelity user flows (check it below)

Our team also developed an accompanying brand video. Check it out:


Our team was invited to present and discuss our solution with the chairs of the "Good Works of Indiana Agriculture" campaign, part of the Indiana Department of Agriculture. 

Want More? Check out the final deliverable.